People Dress Up Pets

Why Do People Dress Up Pets?

You can often watch how the owners dress their dogs, walk them into beauty salons and buy different accessories for them. However, clothing for a dog is not just a man’s whim. Apparently, the main purpose of dog clothing is a heating function. Many small dogs need warm clothing. Winter walks “naked” can easily cause inflammation of the lungs. Don’t you want to risk the health of your dog? Pick up for your pet clothes and make sure that it is warm and comfortable. Find more information about dressing up animals you can here customized dog collars

Of course, the decorative function is also an important one of dog clothing. If the pet is comfortable in such decorative clothes, then why not? It is important to choose the right size.

How To Buy Clothes For Pets?

The main thing is to buy clothes exclusively in the presence of a dog. When shopping for dog clothes, it is very important to try because you and the seller need to know how one or another model will sit on the dog. 

Dress up a dog in the chosen clothes and make him do some exercises. Let the dog run from one corner of the shop to the other. Make the dog stand on the hind legs – for example, luring it something tasty.

If it is possible, let the dog run through the stairs. If during the performance of all exercises the dog behaved in the same way as usual (it felt easy and free), it means that the clothes were chosen successfully.

What Clothes To Choose?

Overalls are the warmest clothing for winter walks. Typically, overalls are made with knitted lining or reliably insulated ones with synthetic seams. Of course, at first, the dog is unlikely to be delighted with the overalls, but will soon become accustomed and even love it.

A sweater is the perfect clothing for dry autumn or frosty winters. The knit sweater is comfortable to use, it does not limit the dog in movement, but it is easy to soak. The best are models which are made of wool.

Fur coats are not clothes for every dog. First, fur coats are sewn exclusively under the order, and secondly – they are suitable only for small hardy breeds like Yorkshire terriers. Natural rabbit fur performs not only a decorative but also a warming function.

If you’re a proud owner of a long-haired dog (for example, spaniel), you’d better stock up with a special hat that protects the dog’s ears from dirt and prevents them from getting dirty in the bowl with food.

The dog may not be very happy about the new thing. So, teach this gradually. You can start from 3-4 months. Start with small: put on a t-shirt, you can dress up the socks on the paws, so the dog will soon become more accustomed to the shoes. 

So, this is not strange that dogs wear clothes. Nowadays, animals are dressed as humans and even better.