TN Visa

What Should You Know About TN Visa?

What is a TN visa? According to the North American free-trade agreement (NAFTA) between UN, Mexico, and Canada, a TN visa is issued to citizens of Mexico and Canada to work in the US. TN visa holders are allowed to work in pre-arranged business in the US under employers. Consult a TN visa expert to know more about the services. 

TN-1 visa is issued to Canadians while TN-2 visa is for Mexicans.  People from Canada and Mexico who have job offers in the US can easily work there with this visa facility. Get complete information on what is a TN. 

Who is qualified to get a TN visa? TN visa is the fastest and legal way to get work in the US. Following are TN visa qualifications for an individual:

  • You hold Mexican or Canadian citizenship
  • Your job in listed in NAFTA professionals
  • You are qualified to work in the respective field
  • The US, Canadian or Mexican employer is willing to hire you
  • You have no intentions of permanent staying in that country 

Steps To Apply For TN Visa: 

A Canadian citizen can apply for it upon reaching US border or airport whereas Mexicans need to go US consulate before applying for a TN visa. A person who is willing to apply must have his/her complete documents all the time whether you want a TN-1 visa or TN 2 visa. US border control has strict rules of inspection of documents for the visa process. Following are the TN visa requirements of documents:

  • Proof of your citizenship of Mexico, Canada or US i.e. ID card
  • Job offering letter from employer
  • Job description and work place details
  • Salary details
  • Your education back ground
  • 50 US$ as application fee
  • Additional 6$ for 194 form
  • Form DS-160
  • Proof that you comply with state laws

You should keep all your educational certificates or degree. Even if you do not have a college degree, you can still apply for this visa. It all depends on your job nature, if your job doesn’t require you to be qualified then you only need work experience letter from your previous record. 

How to Make Sure That You Get TN Visa?

While applying for TN visa you should be careful about following things to make sure that your application is not rejected:

  • The job nature and your educational background are same
  • Check TN visa job lists to find a perfect job for yourself
  • Get verification from the new employer that your job can not last more than 3 years
  • All the information on job letter is true
  • Read the documentations before going to the border
  • Get references from your teachers or previous job that is relevant to a new job offer
  • Ensure the 3-year validity of your passport
  • Get to an immigration lawyer to discuss your whole case, so they can tell you if your application has any loop hole. 

How Can You Switch Job? 

You cannot switch to another job on same TN visa. However, you can get a TN visa renewal if you want to work for another employer. Before applying for a new TN visa, you must read all the rules and regulations to see if your new employment comes under NAFTA professional list. Make sure that you check TN visa jobs list.