Ruby Chocolate

What Is Ruby Chocolate?

If you’ve never heard of this, then you are lagging behind fashion. Habitual sweets have long become disgusted by the buyer, and the manufacturers and scientists working on them have tried to invent a magnificent and exciting novelty for a long time. Finally, a new type of chocolate with a characteristic ruby ​​hue was seen during the creation of premium quality chocolate.

It should be said that ruby ​​chocolate is also called the “fourth” type of chocolate right after dark, milk, and white. Do not think that scientists have developed a new variety of cocoa beans in their laboratories, from which these products are now made.

History of origin

We owe the appearance of the ruby ​​chocolate bar to the familiar, long-known source material with a subtle reddish tint. The patent and all rights to this sweet belong to the Belgian manufacturer Callebaut. The founder of the company is a man named Barry Callebaut, to whom we owe this discovery. They are not accustomed to divulging the secret of discovering “new era chocolate” to customers. Still, they told us that the deposit of unusual cocoa beans is located in South America, namely, in Côte D’Ivoire, Ecuador, and Brazil. To let the cat out of the bag, we must admit that the same stage of the confectioners’ work on chocolate ruby ​​is processing particles to achieve that indescribable color, smell, and taste, and not at all their origin and fantastic properties.

What is ruby ​​chocolate by composition?

Its ingredients are not limited to cocoa beans with an unusual appearance. On the contrary, as in the usual sweet pleasure for us, white, black or brown shades, there are also various emulsifiers, cocoa butter, milk in the form of powder, and sugar. Only it is not known for certain how much to anyone, except for the workers of the aforementioned company, where these components are brought from. Their secret and peculiarity may be that all the ingredients come from South Africa. But most likely, their popularity is since there were a minimal number of them (about 5 thousand). Thanks to such an advertising strategy, the buyer immediately began to think that the product was rare and unique. In truth, though, such an incredible mix of flavor is hard to find in any other product.

What does ruby ​​chocolate taste like?

The originality of ruby ​​chocolate taste is that it immediately has the taste of white chocolate with a flavor of lemon and raspberry without adding various additional ingredients.

It is also worth noting that the taste can change depending on the tongue that has met this unique product. Taste is, of course, a relative concept, but many tasters admit that they feel those very characteristic notes.

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