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Social Media Is Destroying Your Social Life

Social Media Is Destroying Your Social Life

There is the theory that the more time we spend online the less time we dedicate to the socializing and conversing with our nearest and dearest. Naturally, it is right. The people who used iPhone 6 and killed more than 4 hours per day surfing the internet will agree. There is no time for «real life» talks.

Today people are alone in the world’s largest cities. However, do you really think that it happens as a result of a decrease in social interaction? What is the real factor that destroys your social life? In this article, we are to find ways how social media changes our lives.

1. An Antisocial Society Became a Reality Nowadays

Initially, social media were designed to make people closer and give them the opportunity to be in touch. But today more and more people get internet access. And they do not understand the importance of real communication. What is more, it often happens that the people have a meeting, but they cannot put down their gadgets. Updating social media profiles is more important.

As a result, in the fight real-life vs social media, the last one is a winner today. Unfortunately, it is the reality we live in.

2. Social Media Users Get Addicted

The constant updating of your own profile is an addiction. The refreshing of the information other post is a problem as well. People have a lack of communication. But instead of having a face-to-face conversation, they choose chatting online. As a rule, addicted people lose control and become dependent on likes, posts, and shares.

3. People Lose Their Individuality

People who don’t use social media may not understand why it is essential to stay attractive to followers. As a rule, people do a lot of crazy things to become popular. They air the dirty laundry to the public, share thousands of posts, and are engaged in plagiarism. Often they consider it to be the most suitable way to get satisfaction from society.  But remember, it is important to be unique. It is the only way to get a prize.

4. Social Media Users Become Afraid of Society

No doubt, social media is not real life. But you may come across bullying in social media as well. Cyberbullying is as harmful to mental health as a physical one. What is more, it may be even more dangerous for not self-confident users or people looking for a way to realize themselves in social media. Well, after dealing with society’s rudeness, they will be afraid to meet the offenders in real life after social media.

5. Social Media Forces People to Change Their Priorities

Active social media users lost interest in real life. As a result, they can not imagine their lives, not on social media. More importantly, more than 61% of American citizens make everything to spend more time surfing the internet. Most of them do not realize that social media is not real life. They have changed reality, and it may have bad consequences soon. So, prioritize things correctly! Good luck!