How to Transfer Your Driver’s License to Another State?

Very often, one of the most important topics touched upon when planning a move to another state is how to move a car from one state to another and which auto transport company to choose.

Therefore, we prepared a few basic rules that you should know when you transfer your driver’s license after moving to a new place. 

State Differences 

You should understand that the rules and requirements in each state are different. Still, some similar and basic requirements do not depend on where you move.

Basic ground rules for moving from state to state 

Here are a few tips to help with the question: what do I need to move to another state? 

1. Driver’s License, which is valid outside the state. 

2. A document that shows your identity. 

3. Your insurance number. 

4. A document that shows you are living in your new home. 

5. A receipt showing you paid for your new driver’s license. 

6. A test to show you have good eyesight. 

7. Also, some states want you to take a special driver’s license course in their state before they will allow you to obtain a driver’s license.

8. It is also worth adding that for example in California, Colorado, Florida and several other states have already launched a program called First Time Driver. It helps you learn to drive in an online format, all you have to do is take a quick online test.

A license that is no longer valid 

It is very important to keep an eye on your driver’s license, especially its expiration date. This can lead to negative consequences. If it does happen, you are not allowed to transfer your license to another state. You will first need to apply for a renewal of your license, then take a test, take a vision test, and also take a practical driving test.

Foreign License

Continuing with this topic, questions arise when you move to another state: “Do I need to change my driver’s license when I move to another state?“ and „Does your driver’s license number change when you move to another state?“

To answer these questions, let’s start with the fact that you will have to go through several steps to be able to drive to your new place of residence. But there is another fact that if you have a foreign license, you can drive for a year before you have to go through all the steps to get a license in this state. Some states allow you to transfer your license from state to state. That is, in some states, you will have to go through everything again, in some states, you will just transfer without any problems.

And about the question of how to move a car to another state, we advise you to use the services of a good auto transport company. But first, always read the customer reviews, it depends on how the work will be done and how you will be satisfied, so be alert and let the moving be easy!