Diamond Resort Timeshare

How To Cancel A Diamond Resort Timeshare

Many Diamond Resort timeshare owners like visiting luxury resorts and apartments within their ownership, but their financial situation tends to change over time. This way, paying high maintenance and annual fees becomes hard to perform. It is where a timeshare owner begins to think about getting out of a Diamond Resort timeshare. Check up on the Newton Group reviews to get the best deal with the professionals for your timeshare cancellation. This article will discuss how to get rid of Diamond Resorts’ timeshare in a few steps.

What is a Diamond Resort timeshare?

Diamond Resorts is a timeshare company based in Nevada and Las Vegas. It has around 379 vacation destinations in 35 states worldwide with offices in Florida, Orlando, and Lancaster. Diamond Resorts timeshare offers owners a point-based system for their reservations. When owners purchase timeshare points, they can select the collection where the point will be used, including California, US, Hawaii, and European Collections.

Diamond focuses on bringing its clients the most unforgettable experience. An owner can select between various destinations available, including South America, Africa, and Europe. This timeshare company has around 200 filial facilities, 100 managed resorts, and even 4 cruise routes! Owners appreciate Diamond Resort timeshare for the ability to visit exclusive concerts and VIP parties from world-famous artists and celebrities.

Diamond Resorts timeshare cancellation

Diamond Resorts offers timeshare owners a surrender option that ensures individuals can willingly give up their ownership. On the other hand, before you decide to cancel Diamond Resorts’ timeshare, you must consider several essential things. First, make sure you pay off all the required current fees. Then, you can send an email to the certified address of Diamond 

Resorts and mention that you plan to give up ownership and the reason why. When a team of a timeshare company receives your email, they will decide whether to accept your request or not.

In most cases, a team will approve your surrender, but there are some exceptions as well. Once your request is accepted, you will receive some paperwork from Diamond Resorts. Finally, you need to follow the instructions in this paperwork and pay a fee if required. You are no longer an owner of Diamond Resorts once a timeshare company takes it back.

Still, you can take another way for a Diamond Resorts exit strategy. You should follow a rescission period to get rid of unwanted ownership quickly and hassle-free. It is a determined window of time within which you can get the property back to a timeshare company. The length of the rescission period fluctuates from state to state, but it lasts between 3 and 14 days. 

Most rescission laws require timeshare owners to write a cancellation letter. You can ask your lawyer or attorney what details you should include in a letter. Once a cancellation letter is completed, send it to a certified address of your resort, and save a copy for yourself.