Wreck Your Teeth

Habits that Wreck Your Teeth

Dental injuries occur accidentally in many cases, but some of our habits can be a cause of dental injuries. These are some general habits that we do not even realize that is being a cause of injury. Here are some habits that you should avoid for the betterment of your teeth. 

Nail Biting 

Nail-biting teeth are the most common habit that wreaks your teeth. Mostly, we bite our nails when we are nervous. This habit can lead you to the problem of chipped teeth, your teeth can be cracked too or will affect your jaw too because of their wrong position. So, to avoid this to happen you should trim your teeth properly, try to trim them at least once in fifteen days. Females can use nail paints that have a bitter taste to get rid of this habit. 

Tongue Piercings

Tongue Piercings is becoming a trend, especially among the youngsters. But you should know about the fact are tongue piercings bad for your teeth before doing this. But when you have a metal bud in your mouth and that is being rubbed with your gums, there are greater chances that your gum can be damaged, and you lost your teeth. Metal bud biting can become dangerous for your teeth. Metal bud in your mouth can become a cause of infection too because our mouth has some bacteria in it. Piercing is a dangerous thing to do for your teeth and tongue both, so it is better to avoid tongue piercing just for the sake to follow fashion trends.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is also a common habit, and most of people do when they have to face some stress or when they are in anger. Fewer sleepers can also be a victim of this habit. When a person is in stress teeth grinding can be hard for him to stop. To avoid this do not use hard food, it will help you in lowering the risk of dental damage. Some of us can have the habit of grinding our teeth while sleeping, for being safe from this, try to wear a mouthguard while time of sleeping. 

Pencil Chewing

Pencil chewing can be a bad habit for your teeth because this can be a cause of cracked teeth. Pencil chewing is a harder habit to stop. But you can follow some precautions to stop it for the better health of your teeth. Pencil chewing effects on the teeth can be dangerous because it increases the level of stress on teeth and joint which can be a cause of wrecked teeth or cracked teeth. Sometimes it can lead you to the loss of your teeth. To avoid the habit of pencil chewing, you can use sugarless gums to fulfill your thirst for a chew. Chewing sugarless gums will help in the activation of the flow of saliva, which is good for strengthening the teeth. 


It is a commonly known factor that smoking can be a cause of lung cancer. Do you know that smoking can weaken the strength of your teeth? Smoking is a great cause of stained teeth.  Smoking is going to give the worst thing to you that is bad breath. Smoking can increase the risk of mouth or tongue cancer. Smoking can be a cause of gum diseases. So as early you are going to skip the use of tobacco or other smoking products, you will save yourself from multiple problems that are associated with the term smoking.

Chewing Ice Cubes 

Ice is a natural product according to the perception of some of us it may have no side effects, but it is better for you to know that Chewing ice wrecks your teeth. It can be a cause of cracking your teeth too. Using cold can be a cause of weak teeth. Chewing ice is not only a cause of chipped teeth, but it can harm tooth enamel too. Your teeth are not blander even that needs special blades too to crush the ice. Eating cold food can be a cause of teeth or jaw pain. Avoid Chewing ice cubes you can chew some sugar-free bubble gum instead. 

Constant Snacking

If you are having a habit of constant snacking then be aware of the fact that snacking can be a cause of less saliva production. And there is a possibility that constant snacking can leave pieces of food in your teeth that can stay there for a long time due to your negligence. So, avoid the use of snacking products constantly.  

Brushing Teeth Too Hard

If you are thinking about spending more time brushing for whitening your teeth, then you are going in a wrong way. Because more you brush more your teeth can become weak. Brush your teeth for two minutes in the morning and for the same time limit in the night too. This is the best time period for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brush your teeth calmly, there is no need to brush them hardly. If you are finding them not clean even after brushing, use some salt or soda with the brush to make them whiten instead of brushing hard or long. Some of us can have the chewing toothbrush habit too. Avoid usage of the hard brush or brushing hard or chewing toothbrush because it can irritate your gums. 

Sipping on Wine, Lemon Water, Soda, and Similar Acidic Drinks

Acidic drinks have a lower level of pH that can be a cause of many of your oral problems. Acids in the drinks can damage your tooth enamel. Try to reduce the intake of acidic drinks to keep your tooth enamel safe. 

High Sugar Intake   

It is the most common fact that every one of us knows that sugar intake is bad for teeth. High sugar intake can be a cause of cavities. Try to use less sugary products because they can damage your tooth enamel. Or use the products having a high amount of sugar occasionally. 

Taking care of your teeth can save your teeth from multiple problems. Try to avoid bad dental habits for a long life of your teeth.