Rose Wine

Everything You Should Know About Calories In Rose Wine

There are multiple red wines and white wine connoisseurs, but wine lovers sometimes forget about the rose wine. Nevertheless, a fine rosé can bring a diversity of delicate sweet and astringent notes. Visit our online shop, where you will discover a wide array of rose wines from all around the globe, to suit any taste and wallet. This article will introduce you to a prevalent issue – how many calories are in rose wine?

Rose wine at the glance

To produce rosé, winemakers typically use the same grapes as the red wine, but the fermentation process slightly differs. The pink hue in rose wines results from contact with grape skins for a couple of hours, while reds should contact grape skins for days or weeks. Thus, the wine color depends significantly on interaction time with the grape’s skins. The most widespread red wine grapes for rosé production are Pinot Noir, Carignan, Grenache, Sangiovese, etc.

Rose wines ensure fruity and fresh flavors, just like light reds with their crispness. Most rosés feature red fruit, such as strawberry and cherry, citrus, melon, and floral notes in the flavor. Depending on the grapes used in production, you can select either dry, sweet, or savory rose wine. Rose wines produced in Europe usually come dry, while Pink Moscato, White Merlot, and White Zinfandel are the most famous sweet rosés.

How many calories are in a bottle of rose wine?

It makes sense for everyone who loses weight or follows a diet to count calories in beverages. Rose wine features the hues from purple to amber and everything in between. The darker the wine color, the more calories wine might pose, so if you love rose wine and try to keep calories low, select wines in lighter colors or opt for bottles labeled low-calorie.

A standard bottle of rose wine of 750 ml contains approximately 625 calories. Once again, the exact amount of calories significantly depends on the wine shade and accurate content. The universal rule of the number of calories in rose wine is that pinkish and orange rosés are similar to calorie contents in white wines. On the other hand, darker rose wines are closer to reds regarding the number of calories.

How many calories in a glass of rose wine?

When it comes to the calories in a glass of rose wine, the 5 oz glass contains 125 calories on average. By the way, 5 oz serving is standard in most bars and restaurants. If you count calories for some reason, don’t think replacing a glass of red wine with rosé is an excellent consideration to cut back on calories. These wines pose approximately the same calorie contents. Furthermore, drinking a glass of your favorite rosé isn’t that bad for your diet or healthy lifestyle, with an average of 125 rose wine calories per serving.