Booklet Printing

Design Ideas For Booklet Printing

An advertising booklet is an offline marketing tool that has hardly lost its relevance with the development of digital technology. Booklets are used for advertising, education, public and cultural events. By the way, some of the most creative are considered services of booklet printing in San Francisco. So, read this article if you’re looking for cool and creative booklet project ideas. 

Decide on a folding scheme for your booklet

There are many varieties of booklets in the printing industry. They differ in the number of folds and, accordingly, in the number of strips, as well as in the folding pattern.

The most common are the so-called leaflets, tri-folds, or euro booklets. They are printed on A4-size sheets. When folded, such booklets have two folds and three strips. The convenience of this form of the booklet is that it easily fits in a standard envelope and can be printed on any modern printer. Designing a Euro format booklet is easy enough. You will find examples and ready templates of such booklets in this article.

Draw a rough sketch of a booklet by hand

A rough pencil sketch of a future booklet will help you decide on the location of graphic elements and text. You will be able to test your ideas, present and coordinate them with the customer, if necessary.

Decide on the color scheme of the booklet

The choice of a harmonious color scheme for any design is conditioned by the task of evoking certain associations, following the corporate style, or maintaining traditions.

Think about possible variations in a series of booklets

The booklet making ideas are suitable for summarizing information that can be read quickly. If you need to present more information, consider a series of booklets that have the same concept, but are still noticeably different from each other.

Stick to corporate identity in your booklet design

Companies with strict corporate standards usually have a brand book or guidebook. This document describes all the possible uses of corporate style elements and may also provide ready-made templates for corporate booklets. 

Try conflicting combinations in booklet design

A great example of how you can broadcast social subtext not only with the content of the creative booklet ideas, but also with its graphic presentation.

Support the trend of ecological compatibility in booklet design

Eco-trend is gradually covering more and more areas of our life and graphic design is not left out of it. Eco-design is dominated by colors that evoke a feeling of naturalness and freshness: brown (association with wood), white (purity), green (nature), and blue (water, sky). “Eco-friendly” associations are evoked not only by colors but also by textures: marble, sand, wood, etc. In the following booklet template, we used a photo of tree bark as the background.

Decorate booklets with patchwork designs

Designer Romualdo Faura from Spain designed a series of Christmas booklet design ideas with patchwork images of Christmas trees. The technique is convenient because you can create separate variations of covers based on one booklet template. Just change the colors and some icons, and the design gets a new look.

Combine headers and photos in one form

Fragments of the photo on the cover are placed in the shapes of the individual letters from the header. When the viewer concentrates his gaze on the photo, he sees it as a full-frame – it’s as if his imagination adds the missing pieces.

Separate sections of the booklet with blocks of color

When you want to place different types of information on the same booklet’s strips, divide them with contrasting blocks of color.