Plastic Signs vs Promotional Displays

Corrugated Plastic Signs vs Promotional Displays

Want to choose the material that is best suited for making signs? Today, we will help you to make a right choice. We have prepared information for you that will make your choice quick and correct, depending on your needs. Today, corrugated plastic is in great demand for such purposes. That is why we will tell you in which cases it is better to use it. We will also answer your question of whether you should still prefer corrugated plastic because there is another option for the design of your signs. One such competitor is promotional displays. That is why we will talk about all the disadvantages and advantages of each option.

Pros Of Using Corrugated Plastic

  • The corrugated plastic sign is made of durable material. Its chemical composition allows you to use ads in any environment. You can not worry about weather changes as well as rodent damage.
  • You can easily shape your sign. It is because the corrugated plastic design is amenable to cutting and bending.
  • Colors on сorrugated plastic do not fade for a long time. It allows you to place them on the street and not worry that the sun will damage the look of the sign.
  • You can also print on corrugated plastic with a wide range of inks.

Cons Of Using Corrugated Plastic

  • Corrugated plastic has a detrimental effect on the environment. It is due to significant carbon waste. So, you have to take care to send it for recycling.
  • Corrugated plastic is also heavier. That’s why you have to use special plastic sign holders if you want to hang them.

Pros Of Using Promotional Displays

  • This type of advertising perfectly attracts the attention of buyers to the product. That is why you can often notice in store numerous promotional displays.
  • Paper advertising is lighter. So, if you need anything display multiple times, you can easily move promotional displays anywhere else.
  • Cardboard promotional displays are also eco-friendly and do not threaten our environment.

Cons Of Using Promotional Displays

  • Promotional displays are not durable. That’s why you need to think about weather conditions that can destroy your advertising.
  • Оutdoor promotional displays can also burn out from the sun. It destroys the presentable appearance of advertising.

Which one is better?

So, you can choose between corrugated plastic signs vs promotional displays. Two options are a great way to get customers’ attention to a brand or product. However, each of them also has drawbacks. That is why you should pay attention to them and decide which of the two options suits you best.

If you want advertising to be placed on the street for a long time, then pay attention to corrugated plastic signs. If you need advertising that will be in the store or that you do not need for long, then choose promotional displays. It will allow you to create eye-catching advertising more quickly. However, if you focus on quality and durability, then you should create signs of corrugated plastic. It makes you able to inform people about the product for a long time.