5 Facts You Never Knew About The Knights Templars

This army of the crusading knights took their part in the greatest battles in the Middle Ages, however, the Knights Templar lived as the monks. The crusading knights, a religious military order, were broke up in the 14th century – but their way of life, religion, and culture are still covered with lots of secrets. Be sure, the Templar ring will be the best amulet that brings you the belief and the courage of the Templars. Now, let’s discover five exciting facts on who the Knights Templar were.

The Templars Were Named After The Temple Of Solomon

One of the most interesting Knights Templar facts is about how their name was originated. The Temple Mount, an old Al-Aqsa mosque, became the home to the newly created Order of the poor knights of the Temple of Solomon. This place along ago was a Temple dedicated to Solomon – that’s why the Templars started to call themselves the Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Later, the name Knights Templar was widely used as a short form.

The Knights Templar Were Guided By Strict Rules

As it turns out, the Templars have to follow a quite hard set of rules that controlled every part of their lifestyle. The code of Templar’s behavior was also known as Latin Rule – the one that was followed by the Benedictine Monks as well. Following these rules was an obligation to the knights since they represented a deep connection with a God, and was proof of their strong belief. The Latin Rule covered the majority of the Templar’s life – from the required uniform to the vows. Some wonder what using napkins on Good Friday was forbidden to the Templars, can you imagine?

The Templar’s Clothes Were Symbolic

The Order of the poor knights of the Temple of Solomon was often wearing the white mantle that had a special meaning. The papal council in 1129 obliged the Templars to wear the white mantle – it was a symbol of the vow of chastity. However, married men were also in the order, but they still can not wear this white mantle. The Templars have to dress the mantle to the battlefield and the different religious rituals, since the white mantle was rather religious clothing than a uniform.

Friday 13 And The Templars

In the 14th century, a French king Philip IV decided to broke up the order – he started the greatest political persecutions on Friday 13th in 1307. Since this date was already unlucky, Friday 13th started to represent a real crime against the Templars.

The Knights Templar And The Pilgrims

One of the quite interesting Knights of Templar facts shows us that the order was formed to protect the pilgrims. In the Middle Ages, the pilgrims started to get into the Holy Land from Western Europe since it came under the control of Christians. So, there was a strong need to form an order of the knights to protect those pilgrims – the Templars became that religious order that was obligated to protect these people all the way.